Fidelity Creditor Service

A Full Service Collection Agency

Results And Integrity

When companies like yours are looking for a professional collection agency that can deliver excellent results, they call Fidelity Creditor Service. Founded in 1964, Fidelity has built its professional reputation by delivering results for clients in virtually every industry. Where other firms fail, Fidelity performs.

Southern California Collection Agency

Fidelity is a full service collection agency, capable of handling an account at any stage in the collection cycle. We specialize in Healthcare, Financial Institutions, Municipal and Property Management accounts. With over 2,000 active clients, we know how to collect your accounts.

Collection Litigation

For us, handling all the legal issues related to your debt is part of a collection job done right.  We do our own litigation enforcement, so there is no need to contact a law firm and incur separate legal expenses. We handle everything for our clients who want to litigate, and will even handle your case if you already have a collection judgement in hand that needs enforcement. 

Second Placements

Are you tired of accepting poor results from your existing agency? Give Fidelity a try. We specialize in collecting debts where other agencies have tried and failed. Fidelity welcomes the opportunity to prove itself by accepting second placements.

Free Debt Analysis and Consultation

Every company’s debt is different, so that is why Fidelity offers a free Debt Collection Analysis and Consultation. In this free 30 to 45 minute session, we will analyze your debt, assess its collectibility, share some of our best Accounts Receivable and bad debt avoidance techniques, and answer your debt collection questions. Click to schedule your appointment, or call us now at 800-440-1981




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