Revenue Cycle Management

revenue cycle managementRCM, or Revenue Cycle Management, is a popular buzzword these days among doctors and medical office administrators. So what is Revenue Cycle Management, and do you really need it?

In realistic terms, it simply means “How quickly can we get from the doctor saying ‘Goodbye’ to a patient, to payment being received.”

So RCM includes:

  • Removing unnecessary steps and delays in the billing cycle
  • Preparing the systems, procedures and paperwork ahead of time to support those changes
  • Improving the collections procedures in order to accelerate the payment process.

To most healthcare offices, the most important part of Revenue Cycle Management is the practice of collections. Small medical practices seldom have the personnel available to pursue collections. Nor is the aptitude and ideal personality of an excellent administrator or front office staff the same as the aptitude and ideal personality of a great collector.

That is why so many medical offices outsource their RCM Collections efforts to collection agencies, and why Fidelity Creditor Service is your best choice to handle your RCM collections.

With over 2,000 active clients in the State of California, about 40% of whom are in the Healthcare business, Fidelity Creditor Service is one of the top 10 largest collections agencies for healthcare in the State of California. For over 49 years, our healthcare provider clients have been entrusting us to collect their accounts receivable. Our integrity, accountability, and efficiency continue to bring us new clients every week.

When it comes to debt collections for healthcare organizations, there are special circumstances that only an experienced agency specializing in healthcare debt collections can handle.

Contact Fidelity Creditor Service today for a free consultation, and we will help your healthcare practice achieve better results on its delinquent accounts through better Revenue Cycle Management.

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