Collection Services


What States does your collection service cover?

As compliance with Federal and State collection laws is always a top priority, from time to time certain jurisdictions are added and removed from our website. Currently we don’t offer our services in: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, District of Columbia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. (Also the Cities of Chicago, IL & Buffalo, NY)


Fidelity Creditor Services is an expert at collecting debts that other agencies cannot. Our expertise comes from our 56 years of experience in the Southern California collections business, and is supported by our team of industry professionals.


Unlike many smaller firms, Fidelity can handle your account through completion from any stage in the collection process. If our collection process fails to produce a result and your account qualifies, our in-house attorney will file suit and enforce your judgment, eliminating any need to retain a collection attorney.


At Fidelity, our Client always comes first. Our Client Services department makes sure that you always get answers to your questions quickly and without having to make multiple inquiries.


Fidelity consistently outperforms its peers and creates results that exceed client expectations and industry averages. And we do all of that while maintaining our reasonable rates. Tired of your agency and ready to experience Fidelity? Find out how FCS handles Second Placements.

Call us now at 800-440-1981, or click to schedule your free Debt Collection Analysis and Consultation.