Banks and Financial Institutions

bank collection agencyHas your bank, credit union or financial institution been working hard to manage its bad debt, only to find that it is losing money trying to collect the money its owed?

If your Financial Institution is struggling to keep up with its delinquent accounts, then let our dedicated collections team at Fidelity Creditor Service help you. We specialize in debt collections for Banks and Credit Unions, and possess the experience and infrastructure to make sure that your debts are collected with integrity and in a timely manner.

With over 2,000 active clients, Fidelity Creditor Service is one of the top 10 largest debt collection agencies in the State of California. We are also one of the oldest, most credible, and most trusted, having been in business since 1964, and maintaining a stellar reputation for over 49 years.

We understand the effort you’ve put in to build trusting relationships with your consumers, and that is why Fidelity Creditor Service always treats debtors with the utmost respect when handling debt collections, unlike many other collections agencies. Yet, while Fidelity strives to treat debtors as fairly as possible, we also use a client-focused approach to debt collection, that promises professionalism, compliance, diligence, transparency and (most importantly) results for  our clients. All of our clients receive monthly reports on their accounts. In addition, we record every single debtor call we make, to ensure that the highest standards of professionalism and integrity are being met.

Fidelity Creditor Services handles all parts of debt collections for Banks, Credit Unions and other Financial Institutions in-house, including:


  • Collection Litigation and Judgment Enforcement: We do our own litigation and judgment enforcement. In addition to initiating lawsuits when appropriate, we also enforce judgments secured by our clients prior to our engagement.

  • Second Placements: Have you already tried working with another collection agency that has failed to collect? Let us take over, and you’ll be pleased by an improved rate of recovery on your debt.

When it comes to debt collections for Financial Institutions, experience is key to performance.

We have the experience to produce the results you expect and deserve.

Out of our 2,000+ active clients, over 30% are banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. So when you trust Fidelity Creditor Service to handle your debt collections, you can rest assured that you are joining a group of hundreds of already highly satisfied clients.

Contact Fidelity Creditor Service today for a free consultation, and we will help your business collect the money it deserves.