Healthcare Collection Agency

healthcatre debt collectionHas your private healthcare practice been working hard to manage its collections, only to find that it is difficult to get many patients to pay what they owe?

If your healthcare practice or hospital is underachieving on its accounts receivable collections, then let our dedicated healthcare collections team at Fidelity Creditor Service help you collect your accounts. We specialize in debt collections for healthcare, including medical doctors, chiropractors, veterinarians, radiologists, ophthalmologists, optometrists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, dentists, orthodontists, podiatrists, hospitals and other types of healthcare services, and have the revenue cycle experience and patient data analysis to get more of your accounts receivable collected.

With over 2,000 active clients in the State of California, about 40% of whom are in the Healthcare business, Fidelity Creditor Service is one of the top 10 largest collections agencies for healthcare in the State of California. For over 49 years, our healthcare provider clients have been entrusting us to collect their accounts receivable, and our integrity, accountability, and efficiency continue to bring us new clients every week.

At Fidelity Creditor Service, we know firsthand what a challenge managing healthcare collections can be. Yet, we consistently achieve higher success rates than many other debt collections agencies, according to the compliments we receive from our clients. This is because we are persistent, streamlined, and efficient when it comes to collecting debt. We use patient data in order to rank patients based on how likely they are to pay, and this method has helped us to consistently achieve superior results.

Although Fidelity Creditor Service is data-driven when it comes to healthcare collections, we pride ourselves on treating patient debtors with the utmost respect when handling their collections, unlike many other collection agencies. By intelligently estimating the probability of patient pay-out, FIDELITY CREDITOR SERVICE consistently achieves superior results, without having to resort to unscrupulous collection methods.

We also know that maintaining transparency with all of our clients is of utmost importance. All of our healthcare provider clients receive monthly reports on their accounts. In addition, we record every single patient debtor call we make, and in case any discrepancies arise, our clients can hear the exact conversation that took place, if they so choose.

Fidelity Creditor Service handles all parts of debt collections for healthcare organizations in-house, including:


  • Collection Litigation and Judgment Enforcement: We do our own litigation and judgment enforcement. In addition to initiating lawsuits when appropriate, we also enforce judgments secured by our clients prior to our engagement.

  • Second Placements: Has your office already tried working with another healthcare collection agency which failed to collect?  Let us take over, and you’ll be impressed by improved recovery results on your accounts receivable.

  • Extended Back Office: Fidelity Creditor Service can handle patient accounts at any stage of the revenue cycle.

When it comes to debt collections for healthcare organizations, there are special circumstances that only an experienced agency specializing in healthcare debt collections can handle.

Contact Fidelity Creditor Service today for a free consultation, and we will help your healthcare practice achieve better results on its delinquent accounts.