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Read the testimonials below and see for yourself what our clients think of our services and then call one of our friendly representatives for a current list of our references.

  • What immediately impressed me about Fidelity was their handling of the tough accounts we gave them. These had already been assigned to one and sometimes two other agencies with no result, but Fidelity was able to turn some of them around and get payment. They are extremely well organized and responsive, and are able to provide me with the management information I need whenever I need it. 
    Vice President, Community Bank

  • Our relationship with our clients is highly sensitive regarding collections. We hired Fidelity to give an assessment of our accounts and recommend actions. They sent out a letter for us that was so disarming that our clients were unoffended, yet so effective that we received calls and payments immediately. It was a very successful program. We now use Fidelity exclusively for our collections.
    Managing Director, American Coast Title
  • It is certainly rare to find such a high degree of professionalism in your field. After 10 years experience in debtor-creditor relations, this is the first time I have ever been motivated to pay any compliments to a collection agency. In your case, however, the praise is well deserved. The fact that it comes from the opposing side in this dispute only serves to highlight the outstanding quality of your efforts.
    Robert J. Hackney, Law Offices of Robert J. Hackney
  • A Certificate of Appreciation is awarded to Fidelity Creditor Service, Inc., from Academy Pacific Business and Travel College travel for meritorious collection service…from heretofore hopeless accounts. Well done.
    Corporate Accountant, Academy Pacific Business and Travel College
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  •  I would like to extend my personal thanks to all of you at Fidelity for doing an exceptional job of collecting on my delinquent accounts. It wasn’t until we linked up with Fidelity that I became aware of what real professionals in the industry can do. As a point of reference, a lot of the accounts which you are currently collecting on for us, were abandoned by [another agency] as uncollectable.
    Robert A. Locke, Bob Locke & Associates, Inc.
  • First, let me begin this letter by expressing how satisfied we are with your services. Every person that we have been in contact with at your company has always been very courteous and helpful.
    , Seaside Chiropractic
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  • I just wanted to take a moment to say ‘thanks’ for the assistance your company has given me in handling my collection matters. Your firm is always there to answer any questions I may have and it’s nice to have someone actually answer the phone when I call. Your Client Services department responds quickly to my needs and that is somewhat unique in today’s world of impersonal service. Please be sure to let your staff know that they are doing a great job and we will continue to use your services for our more challenging collection matters.
    Andrew S. Pomerantz, The Law Firm of Hoffman and Pomerantz
  • I have assigned accounts for collection to Fidelity Creditor Service for years, for both property management and general business accounts. My attorney has had Fidelity collect on judgments. This agency is so “on it”, I referred by doctor and my CPA. Fidelity has delivered consistent results. When money is collected, I receive a report outlining who paid, how much, and anything I need to know beyond that is answered by a customer service rep. I cannot say enough good things about this agency. A top-tier solution for any collection accounts. Fidelity is a solid resource for business professionals who want their bad debt collected. And they have done a great job for me and my associates.
    , W.W.
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  •  Just a note regarding my contact with Mr. Robert Santos. I had actually contacted  your office with regard to a collection that showed up on my son’s credit report while obtaining a car loan.  Having just retired from law enforcement with 40+ years, I had never really had to deal with a collection. So I have to tell you that my first experience has been pleasurable (if that can describe having to respond to a collection). Robert, from the onset was cordial, helpful (explaining what might have happened with the notice being returned to you, even with our correct address.) And he was patient, not in a hurry and just basically an all around great employee.

    My hats off to Mr. Santos.

    , L.B.