Cities, Counties and other Governments

city collection serviceAs a city or county employee, you know that collecting debts from your constituents is a drain on time and resources which could be spent more effectively elsewhere. It is often very difficult to get residents to pay their debts, and given how much time it can take, you may question whether it is worth your time (especially for smaller debts).

Should your city or county government not even bother, and focus on other revenue streams?

If your city or county government is having difficulty with its debt collections, our government debt collection service may be right for you and your department. At Fidelity Creditor Service, we have helped city and county governments all throughout California and elsewhere improve their rate of return on debts, while providing a streamlined, easy-to-monitor debt collections process.

Fidelity Creditor Service can handle all of your various debt collections, including utility bills, overdue taxes, licensing fees, fines, parking tickets, and more. We have been in business in Southern California for over 49 years, and we have built a stellar reputation. When you let Fidelity Creditor Service manage your collection accounts, your city or county government can feel safe in knowing it is joining a pool of over 2,000 satisfied active clients.

More important than who we are, though, is what Fidelity Creditor Service can do for you. We can:


  • Increase rates of return on debt collections for your city or county government.

  • Collect all types of debt for your city or county, including: business fees/fines, trash bills, incarceration fees, property damage fees, utility bills, licensing fees, ambulance/fire response fees, and even library book fees.

  • Provide you with detailed accountability so you know you’re getting results: We record all phone calls with debtors, and keep detailed statistics on all of our accounts organized and available to you.

  • Handle auxiliary aspects of the debt collections process, including in-house litigation, judgment enforcement and second debt placements.

As a government entity, you know that only the right organization can be trusted to handle your fiscal sovereignty. Many organizations are ineffective with communication, payment processing, and have no idea how to actually work with your constituents to get them to honor their debts. Fidelity Creditor Service will always treat your debtors with the dignity and respect your City or County needs from an affiliated organization.

We understand that it is your government’s reputation at stake when it comes to how debt collections are handled. For that reason, we employ and train only the most earnest and respectable employees here at Fidelity Creditor Service, and we monitor and record all outgoing phone calls to make sure that our employees are keeping your reputation — and ours — perfect.

Contact Fidelity Creditor Service today to speak with a representative about how we can increase revenue for your City or County.