Computerized Collection System

collect one software

Technology is a cornerstone of our business.

Our systems allow us to efficiently pursue your accounts, while providing you with the support and information you require.

Benefits of our system include:

  • Detailed Activity Reports
  • Instant access to detailed Individual Account Information
  • Quarterly, Monthly,  or On-Demand statements of all collection activities
  • Detailed remittance statements every month


Sophisticated Skiptracing and Asset Investigations

With over 49 years of service, Fidelity is an expert at finding missing debtors and locating assets. By combining proprietary information and third party resources, we have accumulated one of the most robust information databases in the collection industry.

Our system is supported by our investigators who cross reference all available information from internal sources and third party vendors to locate actionable information that benefits our client.

If a debtor is missing, we can find him. If an asset exists, we can locate it.